I’m Amanda Garrison-Lucas

Healthcare Liaison & Patient Advocate

Personal & Family Health Specialist

Are you experiencing a medical crisis or would you like to be proactive and prepare yourself and family before a crisis hits? Consider hiring a Healthcare Liaison!

What Is a Healthcare Liaison and Patient Advocate?

When a health crisis hits you or your family, the questions and emotions can be overwhelming. You want desperately to understand a complex diagnosis, procedure or treatment plan. You want to ask the right questions and understand the answers so you can guide yourself or your loved one through the crisis. As a Patient Health Advocate, I can help you navigate our complex healthcare system, reducing stress and allowing you to focus on your family’s health.

Did you receive a new diagnosis or is surgery planned in your near future? As a Healthcare Liaison and Patient Advocate, I can give experienced guidance to you or a loved one regarding future health issues or procedures, by helping you prepare a comprehensive health record and plan.

Still have questions?

I’m happy to answer them!

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