HLC, AAS, CNC, B.S. Alt. Medicine

Amanda Lucas is a mother, wife, entrepreneur, holistic wellness coach and a lifetime wellness enthusiast. Native to the United States and raised in Columbia, Missouri, she has a lifetime of learning the science of holistic health coupled with various certifications and degrees in alternative medicine and physical therapy.

She knows most people have knowledge, intelligence, and conveniences, but questions why we are so physically sick and emotionally unhappy. And why is it so expensive? Amanda respects all her relationships to the core and makes it her priority to provide the support to answer the questions that people have because in reality there is no “one” answer to better health.

The more we seek honorable objective support, stop re-living the past, forgive, are accountable, and understand our individual health, the more we can take control of our health with long-term positive results!

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Take Control of Your Health Today!

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