About this Recipe

by Amanda Lucas

This is my go to salad that I make weekly. You can prepare enough ingredients to have a second or third salad during the week. This recipe is estimated for 1 person so scale up accordingly. Feel free to substitute walnuts or macadamias for the almonds. This is a very filling salad that can be eaten as a main dish.


2 cups kale/dark greens
¼ cup  blue cheese crumbles
1 boiled egg peeled and quartered
1 cup cherry tomatoes halved
1 strip of real bacon cooked and crumbled
2 oz real ham on the bone cut in strips
½ cup aged cheddar in stripes
¼ cucumber sliced and quartered
¼ red pepper chopped
¼ cup raw almonds chopped
OPTIONAL: dried unsweetened tart cherries

Add seasoning: italian flakes, balsamic vinegar

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Prepare all ingredients.

Step 2

Add greens to large salad bowl, and top with tomatoes, red pepper, cucumber, hard-boiled eggs, cheeses, ham and bacon.

Step 3

 Finish with nuts, optional dried cherries and italian herbs.

Step 4

Serve salad, passing balsamic vinegar on the side.

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