Cheese is a great source of calcium, high quality protein & amino acids, omega 3’s, and D3. To reap these benefits eat QUALITY cheeses. Begin by sticking to your white cheeses and NOT processed. IF it has these added ingredients stay away from it: sodium phosphate, sodium citronate, pasteurized processed. (Cheese whiz, Velveeta, and most Kraft brands). Aged cheese (60 days) has less to minimal lactose (milk sugar). Look for aged cheeses to replace less healthy ones in the beginning.  Consider transitioning slowly over to higher quality cheeses in order to prevent relapse.

Some concerns of the amount of salt in cheese is credible based on the amount of PROCESSED food the majority of the population consumes. Processed food has a massive amount of sodium and is ONE way of preservation.

A basic cheese starts with these ingredients: An enzyme called rennet, salt, milk, and a starter culture (mold or bacteria string – which differentiates kinds of cheese).

Back to the basics folks! Pair cheeses with nutritionally packed REAL fiber foods through fruits and veggies!

Give yourself time to heal and change. You can do it, and not only feel better, but shed those unwanted pounds.

Be realistic. Prepare for the barriers, know who supports you…utilize them with open arms. And stop the insanity of excuses for YOU and your loved ones.

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