Preservatives keep the foods we eat from oxidizing (going bad, decomposing, turning brown) and keep a longer shelf life. The typical preservatives prior to the industrial revolution . . (generally speaking) were: salt (sodium), vinegar, oils, ascorbic acid (vitamin C). TODAY, there are so many to keep up with. Sugar is also a preservative (but I will not talk on this subject at the moment, a whole nether ball-game). With the preservatives today they keep foods on shelves for LONG periods of time. If these preservatives are keeping the foods from breaking down naturally, then how can they break down in our digestive system?

When foods do not break down:

1. We do not get the nutrients for our body.
2. Digestive problems can occur. Our natural body’s defense can not work correctly.
3. We just do not feel good. . . then what? We self-medicate, or take prescribed medicine to soothe us?

I understand this. It is not your fault, I too want easy access to food, for what are we lacking in our culture? TIME and MONEY.

With so many distractions, it is hard to know. BUT eating closer to how food was originally made is best!

– Each week (or month) remove, give away a processed food item (or more) out of your life. Replace it with something you make fresh.
– Relax, and do not worry because this causes an increased hormonal response and in turn can effect your metabolism when trying to form a new habit.

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