Health Advocacy & Complementary Medicine

I have worked with Amanda in an advisory capacity and watched her interact and significantly help her clients gain and maintain healthier and more productive lives.

John K Bangs

CEO, John K Bangs, PhD, LLC

My name is Denise Bartels, I am 52 years old and working with Amanda probably saved me from having a GI surgery. I work as a RN at Boone Hospital. I am a Triathlete which consist of swim, bike, run. The last couple of years during runs I was having lower abdominal pain and some bleeding. The Drs were recommending to stop long distance running if it did not stop. I had heard about Amanda and her growing business, diet changes have always been difficult because I do not even enjoy being in the kitchen. Two things happened my health improved and I lost some weight in the process. The bonus I even enjoy cooking now. Amanda came to me and discussed my needs and what I wanted to gain out of her help. She accompanied me to the store, guided me to healthy purchases, and came to my house and did a kitchen makeover which consists of inventory of foods, getting rid of the those non essential items in your kitchen. It makes cooking easier and more enjoyable.
Denise Bartels

In February I mentioned to Amanda I wanted to lose weight so I could take bi-annual county physical without being rated as obese. She introduced me to a healthier way of shopping, cooking and eating. In 29 days, I went from 235 lbs to 209 pounds and two waist sizes. Amanda came to my house, cleaned out my kitchen, took me shopping several times, cooked weekly meals for me and explained why my diet was working. She was knowledgeable, helpful and very supportive. This was not a fad diet, she changed the way I eat. I’m eating lean protein, the right vegetables and fruits, and my body is burning fat for fuel. Amanda taught me quick and easy recipes and I know I can call on her anytime for help and advice. I’m not really interested in reading about food, or understanding the mechanics of a diet. I just want results and a lifestyle I can maintain. Amanda was a huge help.
Steve Coonrod

Amanda is very informative, positive and full of energy! She offers great programs that are tailored to meet your goals. Very motivating and will hold you accountable.
Cameron Jeffery

While trying to control my weight and navigate through life living with PCOS, I met Amanda through a cooking demonstration. I instantly was intrigued and immediately spoke with her about helping and working with me. I went out on a limb and decided to dedicate myself to her methods, her tips, and her strategies of simply eating! I quickly learned that she was an unbelievable wealth of knowledge when it came to foods, cooking and food preparation. She took me to the store, helped me prepare and cook amazingly delicious foods I would never have dared to try myself. I felt confident in my cooking for the first time and I looked forward to eating! She made things simple and easy to understand. There were no gimmicks! She simply helps and teaches you how to cook and eat differently! It is that simple! I only was able to work with Amanda for the course of one month, and during that time I believe I lost around 10 pounds. By the time we began discussing the next months plans, I had fantastic news for her…I was pregnant! I truly believe because of Amanda I was able to lose the weight in order to get pregnant. She was so encouraging, so helpful, easy to reach whenever you had questions, and honestly an amazing person. I am so glad that I went out on that whim! I would recommend her to ANYONE who is considering her services. She is the real deal, no gimmicks, just her love of food, nutrition, cooking! I am proof that she can change your life!
Kadee Thompson

We live in California, so when our beloved cousin was hospitalized with a brain injury, we felt very far away indeed. Since we couldn’t be there, Amanda became our liaison between the hospital and our family. Throughout our cousin’s recovery, she provided us with updates by phone, texts, videos, and photos. She spent many hours hours by his side, offering him cheerful support and encouragement. After our cousin was discharged, Amanda continued to provide tender care, and managed his meds, meals, scheduled and transported him to doctor and therapy appointments. Amanda is a devoted, experienced, knowledgeable caregiver and we will always be grateful for her support during such a critical time.

Melanie Hofmann

Retired Autism Consultant at Private Contractor

My wife, Heather, was scheduled for a hip replacement on July 25, 2016 in Columbia MO, where we live. I work for a company in Albuquerque and travel to Albuquerque frequently. At this time, I was working on a classified project that required much face-to-face interaction with many people in Albuquerque, I had carefully scheduled all my travel to be home with Heather for a month after the surgery. As a result, I was scheduled for a two-week trip to Albuquerque July 10 through 22, before the date the surgery was scheduled.

On July 6, Heather was informed that she could have the surgery early- on July 8- due to a cancellation. She really wanted to have the surgery early because she was having a great deal of pain. I too wanted her to have the surgery early and was ready to cancel my July 10 – July 22 trip, even though that would cause a major disruption for many people. Heather had recently met Amanda Garrison-Lucas at the office of our primary care physician, Dr. Lyndell Scoles, and suggested she might be able to provide assistance. By the next day, July 7, Amanda had engaged with us and provided a comprehensive plan for assisting Heather for the two weeks after the surgery on July 8. Our experience with Amanda was excellent. She took care of Heather as needed for the next two weeks, including home visits, obtaining the correct needed medical assistance equipment for the home, shopping, and all other necessary and life-enhancing activities.


My father had a massive brain hemorrhage and then a stroke in January 2016. My Father had set up Amanda as an emergency medical liaison, and health promoter a few years earlier before his medical emergency, so she was aware of his medical diagnosis when he was transferred to the ER. Amanda was immediately at his side when he went to the Hospital the evening of the hemorrhagic stroke. I live in Wisconsin and have small children so it was very hard for me to be with him while he was in the ICU in Columbia, MO. Having her as or medical liaison was such a blessing! I was able to get daily updates on his progress, and she gave constant feedback between the physicians and myself. Because she was with him everyday and some evenings overnight, she was able to see if things were changing for the better or worse. She observed a potential bed sore on my fathers sacrum and was sable to communicate this with the physician and they immediately put him on an air bed. Amanda groomed and made sure he had showers and was up and moving when it was ordered, helping the physical therapists, and nurses. Her consistent and dedicated care gave me and my father comfort during an incredibly stressful time. Amanda went above and beyond for my father and for me!

Thank you again for all your help this year!!


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